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We provide software and hardware solutions for NGOs, SMEs, Religious institutions and many more,

  • Consultancy and Software

    We build software from websites, mobile apps, payment solutions for both domestic
    and international paymets and IT consultancy.

  • Hardware and Network Solutions

    We provide network solutions, hardware installation and configuring.

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Bring your business up to scale

Software Development

We build P.O.S, ERP, CMS and HR systems taylored for your business with constant reviews from development to production

Hardware & Networking

We set up and secure your network infrastructure, define network polices setup firewalls and rules. We also do hardware installation setting up a shared local network for easy internal file access and sharing.


Help businesses make informed IT purchases and develop strategies to help resolve IT challenges.


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Branding is no longer simply about visual appeal (or the cherry in the apple pie).
We develop creative solutions for NGOs, SMEs, Religious institutions and many more, building authentic product identities and much more.

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